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Soft Drinks and Your Teeth — a Bad Combination

Braces or not, many of the soft drinks we consume on a daily basis are bad news for our teeth. In addition to the sugars found in sports, fruit drinks and energy drinks, the acidic nature of these beverages attack the enamel of the teeth, increasing the risk for tooth decay.

“Water is always your best option, especially when you have orthodontic appliances,” said Dr. David Cortopassi, partner at Associated Orthodontists. “Excessive consumption of soft drinks—both regular and diet­­—can wreak havoc on your teeth, increasing the likelihood of decay and decalcification around the area of brackets.”

Dr. Cortopassi recommends avoiding soft drinks all together, but if they are consumed, he suggests brushing immediately following consumption. If you are unable to brush, drink water, or rinse with it to help wash away the sugar, acid and plaque.

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