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Spring Into A New Smile

If the winter months kept you hunkered down — and you just didn’t get around to making that orthodontist appointment — no worries! Spring is a great time to start orthodontic treatment for children, teens and adults! And, here’s why:#1: SchedulesWith the end of school in sight, less structured schedules and maybe a little more time in the day, you may find it easier to make appointments. Plus, since summer is known as the “busy time” for us ortho folks, getting a head start in spring is always a great idea.#2: Keeping UpStudies have shown that oral health tends to take a back seat during the summertime — especially with looser schedules and access to sugary summertime treats. Scheduling braces before summer will allow you to start and set a routine — so keeping up with the maintenance of braces may be a little easier.#3: SummertimeVacations, get-togethers and usual summer activities are just around the corner! Since getting used to braces can take some time, scheduling them now will allow you to enjoy the summer season. It will also be easier to deal with initial discomfort, establish hygiene routines and get acclimated to brace-friendly foods. IS IT TIME FOR BRACES? Contact Associated Orthodontists today! We offer Damon® System Braces and Invisalign® , complimentary consultations, zero-percent payment options, plus we accept most major insurance plans. Please visit to schedule your appointment or to find a location near you.Related articles:FAQs for BracesBraces — Not Just for KidsBraces Offer More Than Just a Beautiful Smile

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